About Hank Hamblin

A Conservative And Caring Man For East Tennessee

Fellow East Tennesseeans, My name is Hank Hamblin, I am running for Congress in District 2. I was born in LaFollette, TN to working class parents. I learned early in life, if you ever wanted to succeed you had to fight, and work for what you believe in. During my time in the Army I received a Purple Heart & a Bronze Star. I served our country for 26 years. My goal, my mission, my promise, is to take the leadership skills I cultivated from my time in service to our country and in turn make our collective voice heard, by once again applying those same values, except this time it will be on behalf of our community here in East TN. I will give you the voice of change. With your support I can and will be the rallying call of a new era for district 2. With your support be it a vote, donation, or simply a like & share on Facebook we can bring our communities ideas and heritage to DC. Together we will Take TN to DC.

- Congressional Candidate Hank Hamblin


Our nation owes so much to so few, and I know this beyond any doubt, not because I am a hero, but because I have had the honor to serve with so many.
Our country is sinking $700 billion in taxpayer dollars into defense. This is the reason why there is so much pressure to keep pushing the mission of the DOD from national defense, to global conflict.
The mandates and coverage requirements that have been driving up insurance prices have to be abolished, to allow the type of system our President is fighting for to go into effect.
East Tennessee is blessed with an abundance of natural resources. Those which can provide the people of this region with low cost energy while creating new jobs and enhancing the quality of life.
More laws are in place to defend a criminal, rather than protect our Police Officers. Send me to Washington and expect big changes regarding that flawed system.
I understand that guns are part of our American heritage, personal weapons supplement and expound on our ability to protect ourselves, our families and our nation.
We as a nation have to have some type of system in place to secure our borders, and it must be enforced. Without that our roads, schools, and entire infrastructure will be placed at risk.
Residents of District 2 who are relying on social security, federal, and military pensions in the years ahead are entitled to significantly more fiscally conservative government officials.